Transportation Design – Bridges & Roadways

SR 1005, Section 002, Beaver County, PennDOT District 11-0

This project involved the replacement of a narrow 2-lane, 200’ span through-truss bridge, and associated roadway. The geometry of the bridge approach was such that the grade of SR 1005 at the intersection with SR 1008 was of an unacceptable sub standard design. Our scope consisted of redesigning and raising a portion of SR 1008 approximately 7' from existing grade. This would bring the high point of SR 1008, at its intersection with SR 1005, into compliance with current design criteria. The replacement bridge was a 204’ two-span, continuous bridge. Owing to the anticipated encroachment of the waterway opening within a flood-prone area, approval of the H&H report became a critical item of work.

Tri-State was responsible for the replacement bridge design, roadway design for SR 1005 and SR 1008, pavement design, drainage, ROW plans, MPT plans, erosion and sedimentation control plans, hydrologic and hydraulic report, and all other associated activities. Subconsultants performed geotechnical and environmental services.

SR 0351, Section 005, Lawrence County, PennDOT District 11-0

This project consisted of the replacement of an existing three-span curved bridge over Conrail and an associated roadway. During the preliminary design phase, Tri-State investigated the feasibility of designing the bridge with a single span and reconstructing the roadway using retained earth walls (RE walls). The scope of the work had to be revised due to new environmental regulations.

The roadway was realigned to improve sight distance. Tri-State was also responsible for right-of-way, erosion and sedimentation control, MPT, safety review, PUC coordination, utility investigation, and all other associated activities. Hazardous waste, environmental services, and geotechnical services were performed by our sub-consultants.

Reconstruction of Fort Pitt Boulevard EB/Interstate Connector, City of Pittsburgh

Tri-State Design, working as a sub-consultant to a major consulting firm, was responsible for the in-depth inspection and rehabilitation design of the following three structures:

  • Market Street Bridge
  • Stanwix Street Bridge
  • Retaining Wall along WB Parkway West

The findings of the field inspection further refined the magnitude of the final design for this fast-track project.

Tri-State was responsible for the complete rehabilitation design, and construction phase services during the construction phase of this contract.

SR 0048, Sec. A11, Mosside Blvd. Reconstruction, Allegheny County

This project involved the reconstruction of a portion of SR 0048 in Allegheny County from an existing 2-lane roadway to a 4-lane roadway with an additional turning lane. Tri-State Design and Development designed a replacement structure for an existing 89’ single span, dual-girder steel bridge carrying SR 0048, Section A11 over a private access road in North Versailles Township, Allegheny County.

The design required constructing the replacement structure while maintaining traffic at all times on the existing bridge (SR 0048), as well as on the private access road that passes beneath the existing structure.

Maintaining traffic all the time for the entire project was an important task due to very high traffic volume and lack of easy alternate choice of route. Tri-State prepared a multiphase Traffic Control Plan that allowed reconstruction of the entire project (including the main multi-span bridge) with minimal inconvenience to the traveling public.

Tri-State proposed constructing a 16’ modified Conspan® arch supporting cast-in-place concrete walls bearing on deep piles. The structure was constructed under the existing SR 0048 structure, allowing embankment to be placed over the completed Conspan® structure. Traffic on the mainline was then diverted onto a temporary roadway allowing traffic to be maintained at all times. The design of the 146’ underpass with 16’ minimum clearance was cost-effective, provided an extremely low maintenance replacement structure, and enabled the replacement of an existing, 2-lane, high volume structure without interruption of traffic.

This project received an Outstanding Special Project (Culvert) Award by the Association of Bridge Constructors and Designers (ABCD).


SR 0079, Section A4 Interstate 79, Mercer County, PennDOT District 1-0

This project involved the rehabilitation of an 8-mile portion of a 4-lane divided highway (I-79, Section A4). Tri-State was responsible for the preparation of maintenance and protection of traffic plans, right-of-way plans, structure plans, and signing/pavement marking plans for the entire section. MPT plans included geometric, as well as pavement design, for four (4) high-speed and nine (9) low-speed crossovers, including signing, ramp widening, and signing for the approach roadways. We also performed the inspection and inventory of all major and minor existing sign structures and prepared new signing and pavement marking plans to meet present criteria for the mainline and exit ramps.

The scope of our bridge design consisted of the rehabilitation design of a total of four (4) bridges.

The design was successfully completed under an accelerated schedule.

SR 3056, Section 005, Allegheny County, PennDOT District 11-0

This project consisted of the replacement of an existing 138’, 3-span bridge with approach roadways. As a result of the sharp skew and existing streets at each end of the bridge, the existing condition offered limited sight distance and sharp radii at the intersection of the streets, making it difficult for large vehicles to turn on and off of the bridge. Tri-State made extensive alternative studies during the TS&L stage, and proposed an 88' single-span bridge. The proposed bridge offered better sight distance, larger turning radii, gained clearance over the railroad, and eliminated deep rock excavation in the vicinity of a residential neighborhood. A substantial cost savings was realized due to the proposed short span structure. Tri-State was responsible for the complete design, including PUC coordination, utilities relocation, and roadway, in addition to structure design.

SR 0043 Section 52G and 52J, Mon-Fayette Expressway, Washington and Westmoreland Counties, Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission

Tri-State was responsible for the design of the referenced two dual structures. The design alternatives were for a 3-span continuous steel multi-girder with two end spans of 97’ and a center span of 163’ for a total length of 357’. The second structure is a single span multi-girder bridge having a span of 162’. Tri-State was responsible for the total design involving the construction of the multi-lane limited access highway, including the preparation of ROW plans, stormwater management, MPT, and pavement markings. A sub consultant performed the geotechnical investigation.

SR 0050 – 001 Heidelberg Bridge over Chartiers Creek, Allegheny County, PennDOT District 11-0

Tri-State Design was engaged to design the replacement of an existing, deteriorated, six-span bridge and its approach roadways. The project included structural and roadway design, demolition plans, hydraulic and hydrologic studies, signalized intersection design, erosion and sedimentation control plans, lighting, and maintenance and protection of traffic. The total length of the project was 1,450 feet. Several roadway alignments and structure types were investigated. The selected alignment placed the new bridge adjacent to the existing northbound structure. The selected structure type was a 346’ long 3-span continuous steel plate girder system with a reinforced concrete deck. The framing of the bridge consisted of four 5-foot deep girders at 10-foot spacing. The substructure units were reinforced concrete piers and abutments. Steel H-piles driven to bedrock support the abutments; the pier footings rest directly on bedrock. As part of this project, Tri-State designed a progressive movement, traffic actuated system to enhance traffic flow along this section of Route 50.

Tri-State received a perfect performance rating from the Department for its efforts on this project.

Allegheny County Project No. AA00-9407, Bridge Design Group A, Bridge Design

This project consisted of the replacement design for a group of 4 minor bridges within Allegheny County, with a combined total construction cost of $1.2 million.

Girty's Run Bridge No. 14 (GI14), Ross Township
Wible Run Bridge No. 5 (WB05), Shaler Township
Homeville Creek Bridge 10 (HV10), Munhall Borough
Licks Run Bridge 10 (LC10), South Park Township

Tri-State's scope of services included field surveys, environmental studies (CE's), hydraulic and hydrologic studies and reports, erosion, and sedimentation control plans and narrative; storm water drainage improvements, utility investigations, maintenance and protection of traffic plans, roadway design, replacement bridge design, and other requested activities.

Our scope of services for the above project included initial and bi-annual inspection of these bridges.

Bridge Safety Inspection Program, PennDOT Districts 1-0, 10-0, 11-0 and 12-0, Allegheny County Public Works, the Port Authority of Allegheny County, the Airport Authority of Allegheny County, and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Tri-State Design has substantial bridge safety inspection experience, including the inspection of over 300 state-owned bridges within various counties within PennDOT Districts 1-0, 10-0, 11-0 and 12-0, and over 250 bridges owned by Allegheny County Public Works, the Port Authority of Allegheny County, and the Airport Authority of Allegheny County. These bridges represent a wide range from minor to major multi-span bridges. We have also performed in-depth inspections, load ratings, rehabilitation recommendations and reports for several service bridges over major locks and dams owned and maintained by USACE, Pittsburgh District. We have performed the inspection of several retaining walls, culverts and other structures. Our scope of services for the above projects included initial and biannual inspections, core element inspections, and fracture critical bridge inspections.

During the past seven years, Tri-State Design, as a sub consultant to a major engineering firm, has performed in-depth and cursory inspections and reports for major and minor highway sign structures within PennDOT Districts 10-0, 11-0, and 12-0. These inspections were performed by Certified Bridge Inspectors and Professional Engineers. Tri-State has also performed bridge inspection and design services under GAEC 93-07, which encompassed an in-depth inspection and rehabilitation design for the Monongahela Incline.

Open-End Engineering and Environmental Services Contracts

As a prime consultant to PennDOT Districts 1-0 and 10-0, we performed various engineering and environmental services for a variety of transportation projects. Over a duration period of 30 months, we delivered diverse services for three different work orders for District 1-0 and eleven work orders for District 10-0. We coordinated the services of our geotechnical and environmental sub consultants. Tri-State was responsible for field survey; preliminary roadway design (Step 9); TS&L; traffic counts, analysis and signal design; preparation of H&H reports; E&S control plans and narratives, and ROW plans.

Several projects consisted of signal modernization and radii improvements at multiple locations. Tri-State performed the field surveys, peak hour traffic counts, traffic study analysis, signal optimizations, preparation of signal plans, and construction plans for radii improvements. As part of our study, we recommended restrictions on parking in two major CBDs.

Other projects consisted of the preliminary roadway and replacement bridge design. Tri-State performed the field surveys, preliminary roadway and bridge designs, H&H reports including HEC II analysis, E&S control plans, and other related services. Services were performed in most counties within PennDOT Districts 1-0, 10-0, 11-0 and 12-0.