SR 1005, Section 002, Beaver County, PennDOT District 11-0

This project involved the replacement of a narrow 2-lane, 200’ span through-truss bridge and associated roadway. The geometry of the bridge approach was such that the grade of SR 1005 at the intersection with SR 1008 was of an unacceptable substandard design. Our scope consisted of redesigning and raising a portion of SR 1008 approximately 7′ from existing grade. This would bring the high point of SR 1008, at its intersection with SR 1005, into compliance with current design criteria. The replacement bridge was a 204’ two-span, continuous bridge. Owing to the anticipated encroachment of the waterway opening within a flood-prone area, approval of the H&H report became a critical item of work.

Tri-State was responsible for the replacement bridge design, roadway design for SR 1005 and SR 1008, pavement design, drainage, ROW plans, MPT plans, erosion and sedimentation control plans, hydrologic and hydraulic report, and all other associated activities. Subconsultants performed geotechnical and environmental services