Open-End Engineering and Environmental Services Contracts

As a prime consultant to PennDOT Districts 1-0 and 10-0, we performed various engineering and environmental services for a variety of transportation projects. Over a duration period of 30 months, we delivered diverse services for three different work orders for District 1-0 and eleven work orders for District 10-0. We coordinated the services of our geotechnical and environmental subconsultants. Tri-State was responsible for field survey; preliminary roadway design (Step 9); TS&L; traffic counts, analysis and signal design; preparation of H&H reports; E&S control plans and narratives, and ROW plans.

Several projects consisted of signal modernization and radii improvements at multiple locations. Tri-State performed the field surveys, peak hour traffic counts, traffic study analysis, signal optimizations, preparation of signal plans, and construction plans for radii improvements. As part of our study, we recommended restrictions on parking in two major CBDs.

Other projects consisted of preliminary roadway and replacement bridge design. Tri-State performed the field surveys, preliminary roadway and bridge designs, H&H reports including HEC II analysis, E&S control plans, and other related services. Services were performed in most counties within PennDOT Districts 1-0, 10-0, 11-0 and 12-0.